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Wedding Stress Triggers & Dealing With Them

//Wedding Stress Triggers & Dealing With Them

Wedding Stress Triggers & Dealing With Them

During your wedding planning, there are some things that might be likely to set off anxiety.  These are some common things that can trigger stress, and our suggestions on how to deal with them.

Being disorganised. 

There are a lot of decisions to make and keep track of when planning a wedding.  If you forget who you have talked to about what, what you have paid, what you owe and what you have left to do then you will get stressed!  Make lists, use some of the wedding planning apps that are available, keep all your paperwork together, or consider working with a wedding planner to help.

Poor communication.

Ensure that yourself and your fiancé are in agreement about what you want from the day.  Sit down together and discuss it – ask questions and listen to each other.  Also, if you want to; do the same with your parents, and any guests who have issues.  Keep everyone informed who has a stake in the day, and make sure that there are no surprises.  You may have to make some compromises, but that’s what marriage is all about.

Going over budget.

Once you have discussed what is important to you and set a budget, then stick to it.  If you start to over spend or maybe even go in to debt then this is not a great start to your married life.  Decide what is important to you as a couple, and shop around and find ways to save on the things that are least important, then you can splurge a little on the aspect that are really important to you.

Focus on the problems.

Some things won’t go completely to plan.  That’s just life.  If you just focus on the things that are going wrong, or the people who are making problems, then you will start to feel anxious.  You should be enjoying your wedding day and the process leading up to it, so try to appreciate all the good stuff you have going on.

Decision fatigue.

There are so many decisions and choices to make when planning a wedding.  Many couples (brides, in particular!) get worn out from making all the decisions.  Take a break from it all, or pass some tasks on to others – let your partner and your family and friends help.  Then, once you’ve made a decision – don’t re-visit it, just move on to the next thing.

Worrying about the weather.

Everyone worries about the weather in the runup to their wedding, and how much they worry does depend on what time of year they are getting married.  You can make a bad weather plan B, or set things up so that if it does rain, then it shouldn’t affect plans too much.  But ultimately, there’s not a lot you can do about the weather, so you’re better just forgetting about this one!

Setting standards too high.

Nobody is perfect (even your spouse-to-be!) and unfortunately perfection is unattainable in pretty much anything.  So, don’t set yourself up for disappointment.  There might be some things you just can’t afford, some loved one who can’t be there, and small hiccups along the way.  Just go with it – it will be good practice for being married!

Trying to please everyone.

You can’t.  So, just don’t even try.  It’s your day.

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