Wedding Day Tips for Introverts


If your wedding day is fast-approaching and you are feeling anxious about it, here are a few tips on how to manage stress on the day.  Introverts can be terrified at the idea of all the attention that a wedding can bring.  Keep in mind that this is *your* day to enjoy, so take steps to ensure that you don’t get worn out.


  • Try to get some alone time while getting ready. Either have a quiet breakfast alone, or perhaps ensure that there is time for a little rest after having your hair done.  Take time out to be alone and breathe.
  • Keep your vows short. Try to keep what you are saying out loud to a minimum.  Don’t write long and emotional vows to say to your partner in front of everyone, try to have vows that you repeat after your officiant, or just say “I do” and get out of there!
  • Keep the guest list as low as you can, or even elope. The fewer people you have listening to you say your vows, the less self-conscious you will feel.  Lots of couples are opting for a smaller wedding nowadays.  Or, consider eloping to somewhere beautiful to say your vows alone.
  • Have a casual vibe. The more formal the wedding, the more pressure you might feel.  Keep the tone light to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • See a bridal coach in the run-up to the wedding to learn some stress-relief techniques to get you through the day. What you learn from them can also be useful in many other parts of life.
  • Schedule some time for just the two of you to be alone on your wedding day. Maybe schedule it just before or just after you have the photos taken, that way the guests won’t notice that you’ve disappeared for a little while.
  • Tell your people how you are likely to feel. Your partner will know you and your needs well, but it is worth taking the time to explain to your bridesmaids and your parents that you expect to find the day overwhelming at times, and you may need them to allow you some space to help you get through it.  They are unlikely to be surprised – after all they know you and love you, too.
  • Ensure that your guests will be comfortable, happy and entertained. Introverts are often very aware of others’ feelings, so if you sense that your guests aren’t happy then you won’t be either.
  • Ask those who are giving a speech to make it short, and avoid doing one yourself. Perhaps even check over what they plan to say, to make sure that nothing in it will surprise you or make you feel uncomfortable.



It is very important to pay attention to how you will feel on your wedding day when planning your wedding.  The beautiful gown and the lovely flowers mean nothing if you are feeling anxious all day and unable to enjoy it.  Who wants to look back on their wedding day and remember just counting off the minutes until it is over?  Take these steps to keep anxiety at bay, and keep things low-stress to make sure that your introvert batteries stay charged!