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Self-Care Tips When Planning a Wedding

//Self-Care Tips When Planning a Wedding

Self-Care Tips When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding can get very busy, and sometimes very stressful.  Brides can get so caught up in all the excitement, decision-making and planning that they forget to take care of themselves.  Then, when tiredness and perhaps even illness caused by over doing things it is too late.  It is important for brides, or couples to take time out of planning a wedding for a little self-care.

Often people are planning a wedding alongside other responsibilities, such as work or home.  If you can, try to offload some of these extra tasks while you are planning your wedding.  It will just be for a little while, so it is OK to focus on your special day and have other handle the day-to-day duties.

Consider involving a wedding planner to help with the big jobs.  They have done this all before so they will be able to offer sound advice and efficiently deal with tasks that might take you much longer to complete.

If you feel yourself getting very stressed out, talk to your partner, or your loved ones.  If things get very bad, talk to a life or bridal coach who can offer methods to reduce any growing panic.

Eat properly.  If you are busy with all the usual daily jobs, and then have the wedding planning on top, then you might forget to eat right.  A healthy diet will make you better able to focus, and less likely to forget things.

Take time out of the pandemonium of to-do lists, decisions and choices, and have a date night with your partner, where you don’t talk about any of it – except maybe how much fun you’ll have on your honeymoon!  You could try to combine this with a pampering; so perhaps an afternoon at a spa to really relax.

Try to get some exercise if you can.  This doesn’t have to be a work-out, but some fresh air and movement can often clear the cobwebs and you can come back to the planning with fresh eyes and everything will seem much easier.

Be mindful of the big step that you are taking.  Try to take a step back from thinking about flowers and food and guest lists and think about what this day is really about.

Relax before bedtime.  Don’t try to make any big decisions before you go to bed.  In the run-up to bedtime, watch some TV, read a little, or chat with your partner about their day, but try not to have things going around and around in your head as you try to sleep – you won’t make any decisions of any value at that time.

It is so important to take care of our mental well being.  In the run-up to the wedding, some people try to loose weight, or maybe have a spray tan, or at least get their hair done.  But our mental health can take a tool on our physical health and our physical appearance.  If you get to your wedding day exhausted from all the work it took to get there, it will show on your face.

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