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The Pre-Wedding Jitters

//The Pre-Wedding Jitters

The Pre-Wedding Jitters

Many people get anxious in the run-up their wedding.  It is so common that it has a name; “Pre-Wedding Jitters.”  So, if you’re having them, then you’re not alone.  Perhaps you feel nauseous when you think about your wedding day, or you are having bad dream, or you just have a feeling of dread when you think about anything related to the wedding.

For some couples, any little disagreement can feel like a big deal in the run-up to the wedding.  If your partner seems distant or grumpy or does that thing they do that always annoys you, it can send you off into a spiral of resentment and wondering if marriage is really the right thing to be doing.

Wedding planning can be stressful, and stress can often bring out the worst in a person.  With all those choices and plans to make, a couple can soon become drained with all the discussions and decisions.  A little anxiety about this huge commitment is quite normal.  But if these feelings are taking over your day to day life then they need to be addressed.

Many people ignore this mental state and just get on with the wedding, but for some, feeling like this can ruin the day, so in many ways, it is best to face these emotions.  Your subconscious could be telling you that something isn’t quite right, and it might not be about your partner, instead it might be about the wedding day itself.  It is best to consider why this might be, so that you can feel sure and contented as you say “I do.”

You could either discuss your emotional state with your fiancé, or perhaps with a trusted friend or family member first.  Choose someone who is positive and constructive and who you are confident will help you to make the situation better.

Rather than hold all these thoughts and feelings inside, a couple should discuss them in a positive and collaborative way.  There will be many more times during your marriage when there will be problems to deal with, so this will be good practice for the years ahead.  Being married is being a team, so you need to get in to that mindset and work together.

In many cases couples find that the anxiety was never about the wedding itself, or the idea of commitment to that person, but instead it was caused by all the pressures and issues surrounding the wedding, which were bringing these feelings out.

People can get caught up in the excitement of an engagement, and subsequent wedding planning, and then forget to actually really think about this huge commitment until the wedding is almost upon them.  If your anxiety is starting to control you, then you need to seek help.  A bridal coach can be of use to help you to examine your feelings, and suggest techniques for how to handle them.

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