Online Coaching, 5 Amazing Benefits

Stress can make us feel awful. It can knock our confidence, make us introverted and lonely, it can even cause panic attacks and affect our physical health. That’s where life coaching can help. Life coaching is about helping you to better manage the stress in your life so that you can live a fulfilled, happy life. And in this modern world, more and more people are turning to online coaching- here are 5 amazing benefits.

1- It’s easy to fit in

Our lives are getting busier than ever. Demanding career, busy home life, maintaining friendships, it’s no wonder that we can become frazzled. The antidote to the frenetic pace of life is down-time, when you have a regular block of time to decompress and feel centred once more. With online life coaching, you’re taking that time you need to talk through your stressors and really get a grip on more effective ways ofdealing with them. And because it’s online, via Skype or Facetime, it doesn’t have to take huge chunks of time out of your busy schedule.

2- It helps you show the real you

It can be extremely difficult talking about the issues that are making you feel stressed or worried, particularly if they are really starting to get you down. The thought of sitting down face to face with someone and being completely honest about how you’re feeling can seem extremely daunting, which is why people often struggle on alone. With online coaching, you may open up more than you would face to face, meaning that you get to the root of the issues much quicker.

3- It’s often more comfortable

Usually, the place that we are happiest and at our most comfortable is at home with our familiar things around us. Step into an anonymous office or café and your senses are immediately assailed by the different sounds, textures and visual cues. Immediately you’re wondering if others can hear you or trying to make sense of this new environment, and your mind isn’t on what you need to talk about. With online coaching, you can choose to have your session at home, at a time when you have peace and quiet, to really focus on yourself and your needs.

4- You can get daily top-ups

Like with most things, the theory of how to deal with something is often quite different from the reality. When you are going through a particularly stressful period, or if a stressful event occurs, it can be immensely helpful to have your online life coach available by email so you can write a quick message and get that reassurance and support you need to manage the stress more effectively. So instead of waiting until the next face to face session by which time the stress will be over anyway, you have a real-time helping hand.

5- A happier, more confident you

The absolute best thing about online coaching is that your coach is there for you on your journey to feel happier, stronger and more confident when you need them and in a way that works for your lifestyle. With online coaching you will learn how to be more resilient, and take the stress of lifein your stride. And if you truly commit to the process, the results can be transformative.