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Nine Ways to Avoid Wedding Dress Stress

//Nine Ways to Avoid Wedding Dress Stress

Nine Ways to Avoid Wedding Dress Stress

Be careful who you bring with you for a fitting.  If that one friend or family member has a tendency to say the wrong thing, then just don’t have them in the space with you while you try things out.  Keep the negativity away.

If you’re not sure on sizes, then go for a bigger size, and have it tailored.  Lots of brides want to slim down before their wedding, but wedding planning can be quite busy, so you may not have that much time to work out.  Take the pressure off by having a dress that fits you as you are.

Trust yourself, and be yourself.  Choose a dress that *you* love and that you feel comfortable in.  think about how you will feel standing and walking and sitting in the dress and decide if you will want to wear it for an entire day, a day that will be a pretty tiring!  And, while we’re on the subject, have makeup that suits you and shoes that you can dance in!

Wear comfortable and supportive underwear.  Ask the staff in the store to advise you.  Wear what you feel comfortable in, and what your body needs for support on what will be a very fun, but very tiring day!

Double check your dress when you pick it up.  You don’t have to try it on in the store, but try it on when you get home and again a day or two before your wedding, with shoes and accessories, too.  Be sure what feels comfortable for you.

Try to be aware of when you’re craving unhealthy food because you are stressed or tired.  It’s fine to have a treat no and again, but wedding planning can be so stressful, that some people end up comfort eating to get through it all.  Be mindful of why you are feeling peckish and try to manage stress cravings.  I’m not suggesting losing weight before a wedding, but few brides will want to be heavier when they marry than when they get engaged!

Accessorise.  Depending on the weather when you get married, various accessories can really set off a dress.  If you have parts of your body, face or hair that you love, the right accessories can show them off, and can also play down the things that you don’t love about your appearance.  Ask the staff in the store to make suggestions – that’s what they’re there for.

Take your time when walking, and eating.  All brides worry about tripping, or spilling something on their dress!  But in truth, how often do you do those things normally?  Don’t rush when you’re walking and be careful with drinks and you’ll be fine.

You’ve been lucky enough to find *the one* – that person you want to be with forever.  Accept that might not be the case with a dress.  You might have to make concessions on the details, the cost or the shape of your body and what suits you.  The dress isn’t the important part – your partner is.

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