National Stress Awareness Day, 4 stress zappers to try.

It’s National Stress Awareness Day on the 1st November and I for one fully support the idea that we should all be more aware of stress. I’m not saying that all stress is bad but if wecan be more aware of potential stressors, and in tune with our reactions to them, then we can prevent stress from taking hold of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Today I have 4 stress zappers that could help you on your quest to better control stress and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

1. Pressure point balms

When we experience a stressor, a useful technique is to take a moment to re-set your mind, mood and reactions to the stress. Based around 6 different moods, from de-stress, be happy and sleep well to focus, love and escape, Scentered are natural aromatherapy balms that you rub onto your pressure points with 25 essential oils and botanicals. The ‘be happy’ balm with grapefruit, lemon myrtle and spearmint is particularly lovely. The idea of the balms is that you use a particular balm for a particular need, or combine them, and inhale the scent as a mindfulness technique during times of need.

2. Stress relief patches

Stress is a symptom but as it often has very few visible signs we can plod on without taking the necessary action to prohibit the stress from worsening into long term or chronic stress. Vie Stress Relief Patches look like regular plasters, and when placed onto the skin, release a mix of valerian, hops and passion flower into the bloodstream over 24 hours. Being proactive in dealing with daily stress is a good technique to prevent it from escalating into something more serious.

3. Bedtime rituals

One of the ways that stress can affect us is with our sleep. We’re stressed so we lie awake worrying, interrupting our sleep which in turn makes us less able to cope with the stressors of the next day. A bedtime ritual can be extremely helpful in gathering thoughts from the day, and putting them aside until tomorrow. Writing in a journal, or writing your to-do list allows those thoughts to be dealt with there are then, similarly there are drinks like Sleep Well Milk or Pukka Night Time tea that can form part of your de-stressing bedtime routine.

4. Herbs

When we feel stressed, our bodies release all kinds of stress hormones making us feel out of kilter. Controlling stress is about bringing it back into balance. Certain herbs are called ‘adaptogens’ as they help the body to adapt to stressors. Indigo Herbs offer a range of ‘adaptogen’ herbs like Siberian ginseng which is said to help deal with heightened or lowered stress hormones, liquorice to boost cortisol levels and rhodiolarosea to reduce fatigue and work performance.