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//Start 2018 With A Fresh Approach to Managing Your Stress

Start 2018 With A Fresh Approach to Managing Your Stress

As another year draws to a close, some will no doubt be thinking of the old New Years resolution, although how many of us actually stick to them is admittedly debatable. The idea of starting afresh is always appealing though. As another year makes way for the next, we all ponder over our goals and achievements and ask ourselves how we can do better in future. I’ve always been a believer in making a difference whatever path one chooses to take and bettering yourself always provides a good platform for that.

Life coaching has over recent years risen in popularity as people begin to realise the benefits it offers. That said, it is important to differentiate it from counselling. While the two are completely separate, many still view them as being in the same bracket… read more.

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