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Stress Coaching

Here’s a common myth. Stress is bad. No it isn’t. There are actually benefits if managed correctly. The term ‘stress-free’ gets thrown about quite often today. But with our hectic lifestyles along with modern technology interfering more and more in our lives, stress is a part of it.

The realistic aim is not to banish stress because you can’t, but instead to try and manage it to your advantage. Stress is a powerful force and if one doesn’t know how to deal with it then it can overtake and hinder your everyday life.

We all react to certain situations differently. One simple step would be to jot down what is likely to cause stress and then find solutions to alleviate it. What I do is help you to pinpoint what it is exactly that causes you to ‘stress out’, as some say, and I then work with you to manage it and – even better – turn it into an advantage.

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