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How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

//How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

This is a term that many people will have heard quite frequently.  The Bridezilla.  A bad-tempered, stressed-out, dissatisfied, demanding and all-round crazy person that nobody wants to be around.  And yet, planning a wedding can make many of us feel as if this is where we are heading.  So, how to avoid getting in to this state?  Here are some tips on how to keep laid-back and relaxed about your wedding day.


This means asking questions (of your partner, and of your vendors) and listening to the answers.  Explain what you want, but also listen to what others are telling you.  Remember that communication works both ways.

Have Realistic Expectations.

With all the styled shoots in magazines, couples can often have very high hopes for their real-life wedding day.  This is unfair on everyone, try to be sensible about what you can all achieve with the time and budget that you have.


Have your partner take over some roles, and encourage them to be involved with lots of the decision-making.  If a family member or friend offers to help, then let them.  Or, consider employing a wedding professional to help – they’ve done it all before so will make things go smoothly for you.

Stay Open.

Things might not go exactly to plan, and plans may change.  Don’t get upset about things that you can’t do anything about, and stay flexible and open to change.  A wedding involves lots of people, and some of them won’t be 100% available.

Be Mindful.

If you do find that the whole process is making you miserable and stressed, then ask yourself why.  Stop and think about what is important to you about your wedding day, and don’t do the things that are making you feel bad.

Have a Break.

Don’t live and breathe your wedding every single day.  That will drive you crazy.  Take some time out; by yourself, with your friends, with your partner.  Just have a rest from it all every now and again.

Remember: This is Your Day.

Well, it’s yours and your partner’s of course.  But don’t listen to everyone that offers an opinion; you can’t please everyone, and if you try, you’ll just end up getting frustrated.

Be Grateful.

A lot of people will be spending lots of time, money and effort on your special day.  They will be going with your choices and they might not love all your decisions, but they are doing it all the way you want it because they love you.  So, appreciate them.

OK, Be a Bridezilla if You Need To.

But just to those close to you, and only for a little while.  Vent your frustrations to someone you know will deal with them well.  If you have a friend who is great for this sort of thing, then call them up, voice all your frustrations and then let them go.

Enjoy Yourself.

This is a party, right?  So, decide to have fun.

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