Bridal Coaching

Overcome The Stress

Planning can be very stressful

Planning a wedding should be fun! But planning what is probably the biggest event of your life, can also be very stressful. While using a wedding planner is definitely the best way to remove a lot of the stress, for many brides the cost makes it simply not an option.

With years in the Wedding Industry, Stephanie Varda is in the unique position of having seen and heard the experiences of hundreds of brides. From the start of their journey when they are selecting their photographer, right through to after the wedding when they collect their album. She's heard the dreams, seen the reality, and relived the stories after the big day, of what worked - and what didn't.

Stephanie is now making this experience available to upcoming brides, as a Bridal Coach. Through a one-on-one Coaching Session, Stephanie will talk with Brides about their ideas and plans, and assist them to create a personalized Action Plan that will make planning their own day easier.

Plan the wedding you've dreamed of

Planning your wedding is a very personal experience. It should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Using a Bridal Coach allows you to plan your own personal wedding, while benefitting from the advice of a Wedding Industry expert with years of experience.

"Planning your wedding should be fun - with a touch of luxury and wonderful energy."

Try our process during one-on-one personal coaching sessions, that take place via telephone or online via Skype, in a fun, confidential, and nurturing virtual environment.

What I Offer You

  • Ditch the Dull & Grow the Glow – we’ll identify pains and current throughts, feelings, and actions that might prevent you from having the wedding you want
  • We’ll do some discovery of who you really are, so you know your “non-negotiables” for the wedding
  • We’ll create a vision for what you really want your wedding to look like
  • We’ll create a wedding plan that honors who you are, what your values are, and your true vision for the day
  • From Dreaming to Gleaming we’ll begin implementing the plan for the wedding you’re dreaming of, using powerful, confident strategies
  • Creating the Confidence! We’ll partner and work together to BE the bride you want to be, while you execute and follow through on your plan being a great Bride! Together we will ensure you’re completely confident and ready for a fun, stress-free wedding day.
  • After the wedding, we’ll meet, once more, to explore what you’ve learned about yourself and ensure you have all the tools you need to maintain the inner sparkle you’ve found during our sessions.


“Planning a wedding can be overwhelming under any circumstances, especially if you have a demanding job. I had my wedding about a month ago and while planning it, I soon realized I need a reliable sidekick. Stephanie was all that and much more! From choosing the right venue to the last details such as flower arrangements or table ornaments, Stephanie always had the right answer. I can safely say that my wedding would not have been that perfect without her!”

- Michelle

“I had my wedding 2 weeks ago and it was all I could wish for! One of the biggest challenges was finding the right band and the right photographer so I called Stephanie. She immediately stepped in and found exactly what I was looking for! Thanks to her our guests had a great time and we now have a full album of precious memories.”

- Denise

“Everybody knows that a wedding can be very stressful, especially for the bride. Choosing the right dress and make-up for the big day is crucial. Stephanie really listened to all my crazy requirements and helped make the right choice taking into account my preferences as well as current trends.”

- Christine

“Being a bride in the center of attention is any woman’s dream, but organizing a wedding is definitely not. When I first contacted Stephanie I wasn’t sure what to expect but she was a huge help! She helped me personalize the venue with a unique decor and table arrangements around my wedding’s theme: the 20s. Would definitely recommend!”

- Sarah

“When I started organizing my wedding 4 months ago, little did I know what I was getting into! Stephanie walked me through a detailed plan tailored to my needs which really put me at ease. I could then sit back and really enjoy this special moment of my life.”

- Clementine

“Because of my pregnancy, we had limited time to organize the wedding so I was gutted to think it will all have to be done in a hurry and not have everything I wanted. However, Stephanie worked her magic and came up with a plan in record time! She kept me updated weekly so I constantly knew where we were. Truly amazing!”

- Rachel

“I had my wedding 3 weeks ago in my husband’s hometown so we had to find transportation for all my relatives and some of my friends coming from different towns. Stephanie was a huge help in finding the right flights and even for a lower price than anticipated. 100% satisfied!”

- Kadeisha

“A big part of a wedding is making sure your guests have a nice experience so choosing the right entertainment is crucial. It is hard to know where to start but Stephanie was quick to come with suggestions. She made sure she took into account our input but also came up with innovative ideas. Besides a lovely band, we also had latino dancers, fire jugglers, a caricaturist and a cigar bar for the gents!”

- Kimberley

“I had always dreamed of a tropical wedding setting so I had my big day in Hawaii 2 months ago. If you think organizing a wedding is hard, try organizing it in another country! It would have never happened without Stephanie’s help who was fully committed from day 1 and really took away the stress from me. She looked up local bakers, florists, entertainers and only showed me the best! She’s a real life (or wedding), saver!”

- Kelsey

“I had always wanted a garden wedding so 1 week ago my dream came true but not without unpleasant surprises. Two weeks before the wedding, the company providing the beverages bar said they had problems with their supplier and cannot makes it to the wedding. I immediately got Stephanie’s number from a friend and believe or not, she made it happen! I cannot thank her enough!”

- Tammy

Congratulations on your big day

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

- Aristotle

Everyone needs some support in their life, especially on big events like weddings. If you want to feel less stressed or overwhelmed and just enjoy the whole planning experience, then you have come to the right place. Please take a moment to fill out the form below so I can fully understand how I can help you and how we can work together to make your dream day unforgettable. Once I have received the form, I will present a full description on how we will work together.