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About Me

I love helping people feel better. I show them that leading a healthy, joyous, and fulfilling existence with a meaningful purpose, is not as difficult as we might have been lead to believe.

I fully understand that no two people are the same and everybody has their own stress coping system. Stress symptoms affect each one of us differently, and that is what makes us unique in so many ways.

I have been in the very same shoes more times than I can remember. However, my suffering and lack of confidence lead to much bigger things – I was extremely lucky to have found a life coach, something which turned my life around for the better. Thanks to him, I am living life to its fullest with no looking back, no regrets whatsoever. That’s how I decided and became passionate in helping others make it too!

Believing Is The First Step

I was working for many years as a volunteer before I decided to quit, to pursue a diploma in Life Coaching. I would see unhappy people around me on a near-daily basis, and I desperately wanted to find the right platform to reach out to them, to let them know that help is within reach. This is my way of giving back after the help I had received, as I understand this kind of generosity does not come by easily.

Stress is something that makes us lonely; it’s almost as if the beauty of life is being sucked right out of our hearts and minds. I was a big introvert because of stress and I have seen others around me reacting to everyday situations in a similar way – disillusioned, angry, low confidence and self-esteem, panic attacks and a wide range of symptoms that can seriously hamper quality of life.