5 ways to banish stress this autumn

For some, the end of summer signals something bigger than the change of the seasons. Stress is all about feeling overwhelmed with too many competing demands upon your time, and as the nights begin to draw in and we perceive that we have less time to get everything done, our stress levels can rise. But autumn can be a wonderful time of year, it’s just about finding a way to manage stress that suits you, here are 5 to try:

1. Take some exercise. The shorter days can mean the first thing to get hacked from an already packed schedule is exercise, yet getting outdoors and feeling connected to nature can be a brilliant way to combat stress. Studies have shown that exercise provides a surge in brain chemicals that improves mood, so get outdoors and kick your way through those autumn leaves like you did as a child.

2. Try tapping. We all deal with stress differently, and one of the biggest difficulties can be our own knee-jerk reactions to stress. Tapping or Emotional Freedom Therapy is where you literally tap on certain points on your body whilst saying positive statements in an effort to retrain the brain and body to react differently. There are some great videos on YouTube where you can learn the basics of this powerful technique.

3. Get a stress ball. When you feel your stress levels rising, it is useful to have an array of tools and techniques at your disposal. You can pick up a stress ball for under £5, and as well as being cheap they are portable and can be popped in your desk drawer at work or in your bag. Often, that simple action of squeezing the stress ball can be enough to allow stress to dissipate.

4. Do something you love. If the struggles and demands of life are getting on top of you, doing something positive that makes you happy can be hugely beneficial to your stress levels. It doesn’t have to be a hugely time consuming or costly activity either, just something that you enjoy that will be good for your soul like a snatched 30 minutes curled up with your favourite magazine or submerging yourself in a bubble bath!

5. Stress coaching. Knowing that autumn can be a stress trigger for you is the first step to managing it better. The Stephanie Varda Self-Realisation package combines online coaching with phone calls and unlimited email and messaging support, so there is always someone there to support you.