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5 Things To Do After Your Wedding

//5 Things To Do After Your Wedding

5 Things To Do After Your Wedding

  1. Time for the two of you. There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be intense, so much so that you end up spending far too little quality time with your intended says Bridal Coach Stephanie Varda: “Overwhelm and stress are really common for couples getting married. Time that they would once have spent together relaxing or doing fun things turns into planning sessions, even disagreements. It is all too easy to lose that closeness as a couple. Even if you’re not going away on a honeymoon, I think the first weeks of married life should be devoted to the two of you, just doing things that you enjoy doing. Rediscovering hobbies, but mainly just enjoying being together.”
  2. Say press to the dress. Ah, the fun of picking out the wedding clothes. And now the day is done you’re likely to have a wedding dress as well as suits, bridesmaid dresses and all manner of fancy fabrics to get clean! The UK’s largest bridal retailer WED2B had this advice: “Before packing your wedding dress away it’s best to make sure it’s back in top condition so have it cleaned as soon after your wedding as possible. The longer you leave any stains the harder they might be to remove.” Most wedding dresses require specialist cleaning, but some dresses and most suits can be cleaned using a Clothes Steamer. Urbaboxx recommend either of the two Fridja professional clothes care choices. Either can be used on delicate fabrics like silk, satin, mesh and across details like beads and sequins!
    Both are useful for day-to-day clothing, bedding and baby clothes too, (thinking ahead). So, when the special occasion wear is packed neatly away, this great cleaning tool keeps giving. What an idea for the wedding gift list?
  3. The anniversary years. It’s probably hard to imagine now, but one day (hopefully) you’ll be celebrating your Golden Wedding and 50 years of wedded bliss. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your wedding dress out on display at your party? WED2B said: “Keep your dress in a breathable fabric sealed box to limit discolouration. Ensure that the bodice is stuffed with acetone free tissue paper and fasten up any buttons or lace up the dress to help hold the shape.” To protect against moths and prevent any nasty whiffs, pop a few cedar balls into the box before storing somewhere cool and dry. If you’d rather keep your dress hung up, use a dress cover made from breathable Ultratex which will prevent mould.
  4. I just called to say. Let Stevie Wonder’s classic first dance song be your inspiration for one of the most important post wedding jobs. Stephanie Varda advises: “I always tell couples to remember that their wedding day is about them, it’s the one time in their life that they can be selfish. But when the day is over, make it a priority to thank everyone who was involved. When you factor in travel, new clothes, time off work and a gift, people probably spent a lot more than you would think on your wedding. A thank you call or note takes 5 minutes but means so much for the recipient. Being thankful is a good mind-set for starting your new married life.”
  5. Plan for your future. After all of the excitement of your wedding day, the return of normal life can feel a little deflating. To combat this, Bridal Coach Stephanie Varda advises: “After the storm comes the calm, and this can take a little getting used to for the couple. It’s lovely to look back and remember your wedding, you also make sure to look forward. This is the start of an exciting new chapter in your lives so get out there and start living it!”

Congratulations to all 2018 newlyweds!

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