5 Must-Haves for a Fairytale Winter Wedding.

You have probably noticed the influx of live action fairytales gracing our cinemas over the past couple of years, and this isn’t stopping any time soon, so is it any wonder that fairytale weddings have become increasingly popular too? Disneyland Paris are offering their very own Fairytale Wedding packages, but if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that, here are a five must haves to make your own winter happily ever after.


  1. The gown

If you are having a winter wedding, a sweetheart sheath dress you had your eye on is unlikely to cut it, so to begin your once upon a time you’re going to need the perfect ballgown. Look for sheer sleeves and crystal embellishments, as these will glisten in both daylight and artificial light, giving the illusion of enchanted snowfall or fairydust. Covered buttons add a touch of elegance and class to a dress, so look for these when you’re shopping instead of a zip if you’re opting for fairytale magic.


Dress from Victoria Kay’s White Collection https://whitecollection.victoriakay.co.uk/product/w193/ available from boutiques UK and Europe wide.

  1. . The shoes

    With the perfect dress you need the perfect shoes. Look for embellishments and winter colours like grey, dusty pink and dark blue. If you’re not confident with heels, opt for an elegant kitten as opposed to a chunky heel.

    1. The Decorations

    Decorating your fairytale wonderland can cost as much or as little as you want, if you have a tight budget, adding fairy lights and drapes around your venue with books or lanterns on the tables will do the trick, however if you’re happy to spend lavishly on the setting you can use white lit trees, large books, metal carriages and rose petals to decorate your venue.


    Perhaps the easiest way to Fairytale your wedding is the cake, and it doesn’t have to be extortionate, A plain white cake with some ribbon, iced writing and a topper is all you need, If you have got the budget to spend more on a cake you can include gold embellishments and iced drapes.


    1. The transport


    The only way to arrive to a true fairytale wedding is in a horse and carriage, you can usually adjust your budget to whether you’d like two, four or six horses, and many companies will speak to you about the theme you’d like to have the carriage decorated too.