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10 Surprising Flowers and their Meanings

//10 Surprising Flowers and their Meanings

10 Surprising Flowers and their Meanings

CAMELLIA: Beloved flowers from most people, especially the Victorians. These lush flowers were given the meaning: ”My destiny is in your hands”PURPLE

HYACINTH: Its origin, the myth of Apollo and Hyacinthus, the purple version of this flower means: ‘Please forgive me”

CARNATIONS: Sadly these flowers do not have the best reputation, probably due the fact they look ruffly and kind of wrinkled and probably ffor their meaning. But If you are will to give them a chance (I believe everyone should) try these ones.

WHITE: ”sweet and Lovely”

PINK: “I will never forgive you”

YELLOW: “disdain”

TWO TONED: “I cannot be with you”

False riches”

ANEMONE: Fun fact, this word comes from the Greek word that means wind (anemos) the Victorians, decided to give the them the meaning of forsaken, mostly because of their size, which was very short.

CAMAMILE: When we think of camomile, we think, calm, relaxing, just like the tea you drink when your not feeling great or to relax yourself before bed. Before this accosiation, camomile in the 19th century actually meant “energy in adversity”

SUNFLOWER: Sunflowers go back a longtime, so far back that when the Spanish reached America and saw sunflowers for the first time, they thought that they were made from real gold. (would that be great) unfortunately no the case, hence their meaning “False riches”

 CHRYSANTHEMUM: I think that these flowers are beautiful, especially if you look closely to the details. I always have to double check the spelling of this word as its quite tricky, yet its meaning very simple. “honesty”

DAISIES: Now who can guess what these flowers mean?? Another fun fact is that this specific flower is the first flower we ever learned to draw as a kid. So I think the meaning is quite fitting. “innocence”

FORGET ME NOT: I personally love these flowers, especially the colour, blue!!! Well, the name of the flower speaks for itself, asking one to not forget the other.

LAVENDER: What a wonderful smell and colour. Great for relaxing an staying calm and over come anxiety. They say if someone gives you a bouquet of lavender, it is something very special as that means “Devotion”

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