How to Identify Stress and Deal with it at the Core Level

I’ve carefully saturated this page with information that can help you identify if your life is being affected by stress. In all likelihood, you can benefit greatly by working with a stress management coach.

Stress is an inevitability in life – we all face it at some point. In some cases, stress is a key factor in success as it allows us to push ourselves to the limit. However, at times, the same stress can be overbearing and clog up our minds, preventing us from making sound decisions. When we are no longer able to cope with stress effectively, it’s important that we get help.

If you feel that you’re suffering from symptoms of stress, here’s how you can identify them fast:

·      I can no longer enjoy a healthy work-life balance

·      I’m unhappy about making major changes in my life

·      I crave company that’s intellectually stimulating yet heart-warming

·      Something is definitely affecting my contentment level and keeping me from living the life I want

·      I’m having a hard time coping with responsibilities

·      I cannot control situational outcomes in life any longer

·      I get “impromptu anxiety” and start worrying about the unknown for no reason at all

·      I don’t understand why I’m experiencing low confidence and self-esteem

·      I feel like withdrawing from social gatherings soon after arriving

·      Lately, I have been failing at meeting others’ expectations

·      I feel real fear due to which I tend to sabotage my own potential for success

If you are experiencing any of the above, you are most likely also feeling these symptoms as a result:

·      Frequent headaches and sudden panic attacks

·      Social withdrawal

·      Cold sweats, particularly on the hands and feet

·      Insomnia or sleeping more than usual

·      Constant feeling of exhaustion and fatigue

·      Emotional outbursts as a result of nervousness or general uneasiness

·      Nausea, typically accompanied by heart burn and stomach pains

·      Sudden weight gain or loss

·      Episodes of overreaction, irritability or anger, often unnecessary in the given situation

·      Neglecting personal hygiene, appearance and self-image

You are quite rightly entitled to living a happy and confident life, rife with opportunities. Unfortunately, these symptoms are putting a serious cap on your potential and quality of life.

There is hope – experienced help and expertise is just a few clicks away. Give me the opportunity to help you cope with stress. My proven techniques for relaxation will transform your life like you never thought possible.

Generally, the first step is to deal with and reverse all symptoms that lead to self-harm. It also helps to talk to someone who has gone through similar experiences.

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