Stress Management - Recognising Stress and dealing With It

Are you suffering from stress?

The information on this page will help you to identify if your life is being affected by stress, and if you can benefit from working with a stress management coach.

We all face stress in our lives. Most of the time we deal with it, and in some cases it can actually be good for us and aid our development.

Even good things can be stressful. Taking a holiday, moving home, and starting a new job can all be very positive, but they can also be very stressful.

When we can’t cope with the stress it’s important that we get help.

If you think you might be suffering from stress, here are some questions I ask my clients to help them to identify the behaviours, the feelings, and the symptoms related to stress.

Do any of the following statements describe you?

  • I’m unable to balance work or school with my personal life.
  • I’m facing big changes that I’m really unhappy about making.
  • I often crave the company of others and would like someone to talk to.
  • Something is affecting my happiness and preventing me from living a full life.
  • I have too many responsibilities and I’m struggling to cope with them.
  • I’m not in control of many of the outcomes to situations in my life.
  • There are situations where I am under lots of pressure.
  • I suffer frequently with anxiety for no real reason.

Do you ever get the following feelings?

  • Constantly feeling worried about something real, or for no reason.
  • Low confidence or self-esteem, sometimes without knowing why.
  • Feeling that you want to withdraw from social gatherings.
  • Fear of failure or not meeting the expectations of others.
  • Fear, which leads to self-sabotage and repeated failures.
  • Overwhelmed by everyday life or responsibilities.

The above are common indicators that you may be suffering from stress and need help from a stress management coach.

The negative feelings are often generated by your reactions to certain situations, such as in the examples in the first list of descriptive statements. The way you feel then changes your behaviours and reactions to the situations, which reinforces the feelings. Over time you become caught up in an escalating circle of stress.

As your feelings become more entrenched you may exhibit symptoms that are a sign of unhealthy levels of stress:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Sudden panic attacks.
  • Social withdraw or isolation.
  • Cold or sweaty hands and feet.
  • Excessive sleeping or insomnia.
  • Constant fatigue and tiredness.
  • Nervous or emotional outbursts.
  • Heart burn, tummy pains, or nausea.
  • Dramatic weight loss or weight gain.
  • Irritability or angry episodes, often out of proportion to events.
  • Self-neglect, lack of care about appearance or personal hygiene.

Without help these symptoms of stress will continue to hold you back and prevent you from living the confident and happy life that we are all entitled to experience.

Experienced help is available

I would love to have the opportunity to help you with stress management activities and provide techniques of relaxation that can lead to you approaching life with happiness and confidence.

The first step in reversing the self-harming circles of stress – behaviours – feelings, is to talk to someone who understands what you are going through because they have had similar experiences.

I offer a free initial coaching session where you can talk about your problems in complete confidence and safety. We can arrange the location for the free coaching session in any place where you feel comfortable talking. Your home, my office, a local coffee shop, and also online or over the telephone.

To book your free initial stress coaching session send me a message here.


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