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What is the first thought that races to your mind when you look in the mirror? Does the image project you as the strong and confident person you want to be? 

The image you see of yourself on a daily basis is something that complements your inner soul. Unfortunately, owing to stress and a lack of confidence as well as self-esteem, you might see a poor first impression upon glancing at the mirror. More unfortunate is the fact that people will judge you based on how you look, and their opinions can affect the quality of your life, whether you like it or not.

If you dislike what you see in the mirror, your self-confidence goes right out the window and you might even miss out on rare career opportunities.

On the other hand, growing to like your image is something that can send your confidence and self-esteem level through the roof. But how do you do it? What’s a good starting point?  

Learn to love your image and, believe it or not, others will love you for it too. Here’s how my image consultancy service can be a life-changing experience for you:

The Perfect Image Suitable for Any Occasion

Looking forward to an event that might have a drastic effect on your level of happiness and satisfaction in the near future? Perhaps a date, job interview or get-together that might really impact how happy and content you feel?

If you know what to wear to create the perfect self-image for any occasion, you will not only leave a lasting impression, but have a deep sense of inner satisfaction and contentment. Did you know that people have, on record, admitted to turning down life-changing opportunities because they did not feel confident about their appearance?

My image consultancy service can do away with these negative thinking patterns permanently. Once you have embraced a positive self-image, you’ll be feeling so good about yourself that embracing social events, job interviews and other great opportunities will be second nature.

Talk to me today about how my image consultancy service can dramatically bolster your quality of life by arming you with confidence and a healthy self-image.

Fresh New Self-image, Renewed Confidence

A lack of confidence can adversely impact you in everyday life.

Ever find yourself staring at a full wardrobe but not a single thing that you might enjoy wearing? You need a self-image makeover.

Let me show you how you can dress up for work or play, and feel super-confident about anything you are wearing. You really need to experience this kind of self-image security. It will do amazing things for your confidence levels, I promise.

Before you know it, you will be going out more often, meeting lots of interesting people at parties, making new friends etc. You will be approaching people with more confidence and a friendly attitude to match. What’s more, since you’ll be free of stress, people will find you more approachable and easy to get along with.

Make the Most of Your Time with Online Image Consultancy

I understand that the average working woman or stay-at-home mom just wants to quickly go online, log onto her favorite online store and cart away.

I use Polyvore to guide you through different styles, based on your personality and character, as well as your personal preferences for shoes, brands, budgets etc. Polyvore is a very convenient and straightforward online editor that allows you to mix/match products from any online store and create the ideal combination on your screen. I will advise you on what colors, fabrics and styles to choose in order to create the perfect self-image.

Image Consultancy and Stress Management Go Hand in Hand

Combine a negative self-image with stress and you’re looking at really low confidence levels. We want to avoid this at all costs as a lack of confidence will prevent you from changing the old image, and trying out new looks to boost a healthy self-image.

Let me lend you my support so that you can build the confidence you need to drastically cut down stress, and look as well as feel great in the process. Send me a message via the contact form to get started


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