Image Consultancy - Feel Confident About How You Look
Look in the mirror, what do you see?

Does the image make you happy, does it project a picture of the confident person you want to be?

Your image can either complement the inner you, or it can give a poor first impression. People judge you by how you look, and their opinions can make a difference to your life.

Your appearance can also change how you feel about yourself. Like your image and your confidence grows. Love your image and you’ll believe that others could love you. But when you dislike what you see in the mirror your self-confidence vanishes and life and career opportunities are refused.

Let me show you how my Image Consultancy Service can alter how you look and the life-changing effects this can have.

The perfect image for the occasion

Have you got an important occasion in your diary, a job interview, a date, a meeting that can influence your future happiness?

Feel confident by knowing what to wear to create the perfect image for any occasion and leave a lasting impression.    

Many people turn down or ignore life changing opportunities because they don’t feel confident about their appearance.

My Image Consultancy Service can interrupt these negative reoccurring patterns in your life. Once you’ve felt the confidence that comes from feeling good about your image you’ll be ready to embrace job interviews, dates, social occasions, and all the other opportunities you’ve been missing out on.

Talk to me about how my Image Consultancy Service can give you the confidence to enjoy life by sending me a message

Everyday confidence from a fresh new image

Does a lack of confidence in your image have an impact on your everyday life?

When your wardrobe is full but you can’t find anything to wear, your everyday image needs a makeover. If you open the door and it’s cluttered and chaotic, and full of things you don’t feel good wearing, you need my Image Consultancy Service.

I can show you how to dress to feel great every day for work or play. Your confidence will be sky high and any stress you used to feel will disappear.  

You’ll want to go out, to work, to parties, and to meet new friends and form new relationships. No more hesitating, no more stress, a new image and a new life await you. Whether you need a complete wardrobe overhaul, or help to create a fresh new look, my services can give you back the ability to be confident and stress free about your image.

Save time with Image Consultancy online

For the busy woman who wants to save time by shopping online, let me guide you through the styles, based on your favourite stores, brands, and budget using Polyvore.

Polyvore is an easy-to-use online editor that lets you mix and match products from any store to compare and create perfect combinations on your screen. I can advise on colours, fabrics, and styles that contrast or compliment to create the perfect image that you are seeking.    

Stress management and image consultancy

Stress and a negative perception about your image can often develop simultaneously. Stress breaks down confidence. Lack of confidence stops you trying out new looks and you stick with the same old image.

With help and support you can learn how to create an image that boosts your confidence and reduces your stress. Let me show you how to look and feel great. Tell me about the image you want by sending me a message via my contact form


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