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          Extruder type
          Blown film class
          Plastic pipe class
          Plate (sheet) material class
          Plastic profiles class
          Plastic granulator class
          Electrical machinery
          Drip class production line
          Plastic mesh machine category
          Bag-making Machine

          Welcome to Laiwu City Jing Rui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., and sincerely hope that this site will prompt you to further our understanding and awareness. Laiwu City Jing Rui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. since its establishment, development is strong, continue to expand in size, the community is relying on the old and new customers and the concern and support, the company is relying on the concerted efforts of all staff.

          My company's product and service quality are a market test of time. In today's market economy has developed rapidly, and increasingly fierce market competition situation, we will, as always, strengthen quality control, improve production technology and production processes to achieve real full quality control system.

          Internet for the spread of global economic integration provides a more favorable environment for the development of many of our industries to create a new opportunity. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, along with the strengthening of foreign trade, foreign products on the domestic market at present the impact of this challenge and explore the future of the vast international market space for this opportunity at the same time facing the front of us. To this end, we will take full advantage of this new type of Internet media, to understand the country and the world of new technologies, new ideas, new development, new dynamic, comprehensive display of corporate and product image, strengthen technological exchanges and promote economic and trade cooperation, active Broaden the domestic and foreign markets, efforts to improve economic efficiency, enterprise-scale continue to grow and develop.

          I, on behalf of all employees of the Company, warmly welcomes the broad masses of friends at home and abroad, I came to the company to discuss various business and cooperation.

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