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After a car accident where I and my 3 friends were injured to have major panic attacks. I could not even go out of the house. I was mentally ill so my mother started to search for a good specialist in order to help me with my fears and moods. She and I were lucky enough to find Stephanie Varda's website. She is very professional. She knows how to talk to you and make you feel better. Since then I made a great progress and I am positive that I will be able to be normal again very soon.


"My sister realised that I have a problem. I am a mother of 4 and evry single day I have to be 24/7 active and present for my kids, but sometimes I just can't cope with that. I need to time to myself, I need to relax and find a way to sleep few hours. It was very hard for me to find that time until Michelle gave me the phone number of a life coach: Stephanie Varda. She was everything I needed! She helped me go trough that hard time and made me organise everything in my life in order to be agood mother, but an even better woman. Thank you so much!"


"I have a very stressful job as a top manager in a big company and I hardly find time for me and my family. I felt like my life was starting to fall piece by piece until a good friend of mine recommend me Stephanie Varda Stress Management Coach and my whole life started to change. She helped me find a way to mix my family life with my working schedule. Every manager should work with her in order to find the perfect balance in life!"


"I really love what I do: I am a face and hands model for some years now, but I really have a problem with my wardrobe style. I don't feel confident about my body and my look, but after I met Stephanie Varda-Stress Management Coach I finally started to understand how beautiful I am and how can I express that trough my personal style. She is the best!"


"My children are almost out of college and they decided not to go to University because they did not know what to study and what their future career should be. I was thinking what to do with them when I found the website of a life coach: She made few sessions with Maria and Andrew and helped them to choose a University and a better path in life. Thank you, Stephanie, for everything!"


"I want to get Married with my girlfriend this year, but my parents did not approve this wedding because she is from other religion, so I reached out to Stephanie in order to help me with this situation. I really needed a good advice about how to convince my parents that a marriage is based on love, not on religion. It was a great decision because Stephanie managed somehow to make me realise the best approach with my parents. It was a success."


"New job, new overwhelming stress! That was my life two months ago, but Stephanie, my stress management coach was there once again and helped me to overcome the stress. Now I can focus on my job, be a great employee and have time for myself too!"


"I am an introvert. I don't like to talk with people, to be in a spotlight or to go to parties, but somehow my job implies all of these so it was very hard to me to do my job and don't go crying at home after that, so I contacted Stephanie Varda Stress Management Coach. She did her best and I managed to find a way to understand the people and the surroundings in order to find every time a safe place. This way I can be who I am without jeopardising my job. Thank you Steph!"


"This is the right time to express not only my warmest thanks, but also the fact that I really admire you.You are one among the few people I met so far, who has the talent to build a feeling of trust out of nothing, in a relationship that did not exist the day before. Your tips have been really insightful and helpful to becoming a better me. Many Thanks."


"From my personal experience with Stephanie I would like to share that she is an absolute professional at her job, extremely helpful and experienced with great knowledge on how to deal with stress and anxiety. through our sessions I managed to kick aside many obstacles that interfered with my personal and social life and I have found success in my career too. A lovely personality who gives all the right energy and focus on things needed just for you."


"I have been seeing Stephanie for a few months now and feel so much better. Thank you Steph for the boost"

-Alex E

"I have been seeing Stephanie for a few months now and feel so much better. 
Thank you Steph for the boost"  
- Alex E.  

"My girlfriend left me a few months ago and I was in a dark place. I started to drink and eat a lot of junk food. I got fat and with no willing to live anymore. I realised that I need help so I sent an email to Stephanie Varda Stress Management Coach and she helped me put my life in order. She was there for me at any moment and made a new person out of me. You are great, Stephanie!"


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