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I have a wonderful job, I make people feel better. I help them to manage stress, gain confidence, and lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

There is no single technique to manage stress that works for everyone because the symptoms of stress present differently in each person.

If you’re suffering from stress you could become short tempered or angry, or over react to situations. Stress could make you retreat from the world and become depressed or unusually introvert. Stress can cause panic attacks, disillusionment, lack of confidence, low self esteem, and a whole range of other symptoms.

My job as a Stress Management Coach is to find the best way for you to deal with the symptoms of stress that affect you and how you live your life. On this page I’ll explain how I do that.

My Services

Hello everyone and welcome.

My services are divided into packages designed to relieve stress, make you feel good, and help you learn how to lead a healthier, more 'together' life.

Whether you are struggling to find time to relax or are overwhelmed by a mound of responsibilities, I can help you gain back a feeling of control over your life. If you are feeling like you are losing control or don’t have the right work-life balance, my services can help. If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, I can show you how to make some changes to your lifestyle that will relieve some of the stress and give you back some much-needed confidence.

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Stress Management Coaching
& Confidence Building

As a stress management coach, my aim is to help you to deal with the effects of stress, build your confidence, and remove the obstacles preventing you from enjoying a happy and fulfilled life.

Many clients have benefited from my services when struggling to relax andnot sleeping, having panic attacks, getting overwhelmed by their responsibilities, or becoming stressed due tothe expectations of others.

Sometimes there are deeper causes of stress, such as bullying, low self-esteem, or chronic underlying factors that weaken your resilience and your ability to cope with day to day life.

No matter ehat level of stress you are experiencing, I can show you how to take control and stay calm even when you face challenges and stressful situations.

If you want to deal with stress and enjoy life and its challenges, keep reading.

Image Consultancy

When you lack confidence in the image that others see, you create stress.

Without confidence in your appearance you hold yourself back and miss out on opportunities. You don't go for thath job you want, make new friends, or talk to that special someone that catches your attention.

My image consultancy service can boost your confidance and get you feeling good about yourself.

Whether you want a complete new wardrobe, a fresh new look, or support through a lifestyle change, see how my image consultancy service can help you at Image Consultancy


Often, just talking to someone who has had similar experiences can really help, especially if you have kept things bottled up. You can find out more about the packages I offer here

I offer a free initial coaching session where you can talk about your problems in complete confidence and safty. To book your free intial stress coaching session send me a message here


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